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    Anatoly Vanetik is a businessman who has founded numerous businesses and partners with his son, Yuri, when possible. Vanetik & Associates is his venture consulting firm, where he is not only the CEO but also the founder. Anatoly brings nearly 20 years of professional experience as a trusted advisor and fiscal supporter of different companies.


    Anatoly Vanetik is also an expert and leader in the oil and gas industries, and has worked in the industries for many years. He conducted business on an international level, investing in and advising major ventures so successfully that within just a few years, he was named Businessman of the Year by Business in the Former USSR Magazine, a prominent Russian publication. In addition to his numerous independent venture into oil companies, Anatoly was also the Principal Investor, Co-Founder and CEO of Poladyne Corporation, a major proprietary lubricant manufacturing company.


    Business aside, Anatoly, or "Tony" as some may say, is a man of many passions including art and it's history, animal rights and lastly, his keen knowledge of the oil & gas industry. He is also extremely cultured and grew up in Russia. He now resides in the U.S. where he enjoys the gorgeous weather of his home in California. There, he lives with his favorite fur companion, Maks, a German Shepherd just over a year old. Together, the two go on traveling adventures. Anatoly absolutely adores Maks.

  • Art History

    Follow along as you're lead through the eras of art history. From the stone age, all the way up to modern and contemporary art, you'll learn all about how art has expanded and evolved through each period. Anatoly Vanetik has a keen fascination for art and would love for you to join along!

  • Animal Welfare

    If you have a passion for animals then animal activist, here's good news for you. This is the home website of Anatoly Vanetik dedicated to all things animals, from news and updates on animal rights to fun activities to do with your dog. Animal lovers will love this website.

  • Oil & Gas

    As an experienced businessman, Anatoly Vanetik guides you through the challenges, opportunities and news of all things oil and gas related. Our world would not be able to function in such a high quality lifestyle without this industry.

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    Anatoly Vanetik shares some of his favorite writings from his blogs on the various websites displayed above.

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    With the new year upon us, Americans can expect to encounter some of the coldest months...
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